Have a swarm of bees and not sure what to do about it? Please contact us!

Preserving bees helps our ecosystem and food supply. Swarms of bees can easily be lost to parasites or disease. We take the role of handling swarms and taking care of the bees very seriously. Please contact our Swarm Coordinator if you see a swarm of honeybees clustered in a round shape on an object (for example a tree branch).

If you think you see a honeybee swarm, if possible, please be prepared to answer the following questions when you contact our swarm coordinator.

• What is the address/location of the bees?
> Please provide directions and coordinates, for example north, south, east, west?
• How accessible is the swarm? For example how high up are they?
• Are you able to send us a picture of the swarm?
• Is there anything flowering or blooming near the swarm?
• What is the size of the swarm? (For example, baseball or basketball size.)
• Do the bees have any yellow color on them? Are they any other color(s)?
• Are they fuzzy-looking?
• How long have they been there?
• Have you seen them there before?
• Has anyone sprayed them with anything?
• Is the swarm on your property or someone else’s?
• Has anyone else been called to handle the swarm?
• Do you know a beekeeper that lives close by?
• How did you know to call us?

For Help with a Swarm please contact:

Denise — Her cell phone number is 801-473-3665. Denise is the Swarm Coordinator this year and her phone is on 24/7!

You may also call 801-69-BEES1 (801-692-3371) and leave a message with a description of the swarm, the location, and a call-back number. Someone will get back to you ASAP.

For the fastest response, please call. If you need to contact us by e-mail, please use the following e-mail address:


Existing hives and cutouts.

For existing hives in trees or buildings.
Call 801-69-BEES1 (801-692-3371) and leave a message with a description of the problem, the location and a callback number. Someone will get back to you ASAP and we will have someone give you a bid for the work that has to be done.
Please do not spray the bees with anything. Do not spray them with poison and then call us and expect us to clean up the mess. If you try to spray them down with solvents, water etc. it will only make the bees angry and defensive. Honeybees are usually not aggressive unless they feel threatened.