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President: Albert Chubak
-President schedules board member meetings and presides over them. Conducts monthly members meetings. Allocates and assigns jobs for the club. Writes a message for the newsletter one a month or assigns it to someone else.

President of Eco Bee Box (since 2011)
WAS Director for Utah 2014-present
EAS Lifetime Member
ABF Delegate for Utah 2016-present
Utah Beekeeping Association Historian 2017
Owner of Wasatch Honey
Member of NFIB since 2016
BBB Member since 2017
Most Innovative Company of the Year Utah 2014
International Distribution (over 12 countries)
Speaker, Publisher, Educator

Vice President: Kent Hedenstrom
-Vice President fills in for the president when needed. Is in charge of the mentoring program for the members.

Secretary: Bob Holley
-Takes roll call and minutes for presidency meetings. Take minutes and collects money for membership fees.

Treasurer: Dana Yetton
-Treasurer is in charge of depositing the money for membership fees, donations and money collected from auctions. Must have 2 signatures on allocated money and reimbursements.

Program Director: Kari Taylor
-Sets up guest speakers and lessons for monthly meetings.                                                 – If you have an idea for a topic to discuss email her.                                                             – She is in charge of conducting elections at the last meeting of the year.

Public Relations: Denise Hunsaker
-Prepare and publish the Newsletter.
-Serve as the internal and external communications officer.
-Authorize website changes.
-Serve as swarm coordinator.

Media Coordinator: Dana Hunsaker AKA Ashe Mcfionn
-Maintains the WBA Facebook page.

Webmaster: Justin Belliston
-Updates website



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