Websites Used By Utah Beekeepers

Beekeeping Clubs: There are currently over 300 beekeepers in the Beehive State, get to know some! Local beekeeping clubs are an excellent source of knowledge and information. They meet monthly or bimonthly in Salt Lake City, Logan and Utah County.

Bee Inspectors:

Bee inspectors are available to assist Utah’s beekeepers. Although not all counties employ an inspector, you are welcome to contact them if you have questions or concerns about beekeeping.

  • Box Elder & Cache Co Martin James (435) 760-0805
  • Millard County Gary Dutson (435) 864-4844
  • Salt Lake County Chris Rodesch (801) 633-6589
  • Sanpete County John Scott (435) 283-9457
  • Tooele County Vance Keele (435) 882-0123
  • Utah County Joel Wright (801) 754-5507
  • Weber County Brock Lenox (801) 444-9220

WBA Application
WBA Application
Form for Utah State Beekeepers License:

National Honey Board: or

Local Beekeeping Suppliers:

This is a very good resource. Mark Borovatz created this great chart on local pollen.
Click on thumbnail for full sized chart. You will need to zoom the image to see it in detail.
2013 Revision of the North Bend Pollen Chart


  • Nosema ceranae information.


Nosema ceranae drench
Article by Ross Conrad – Bee Culture – March 2010 on Nosema ceranae

  • Pollen Charts

Know where you bees have been and what they are feeding on.


  • Beesource

Beesource is a great resource site. On the left side are many links for DIY projects.

  • Varroa Mite Resources
  1. Tools for Varroa Management: A Guide To Effective Varroa Sampling & Control
  2. Powdered Sugar Roll Picture Guide
  3. Varroa Mite Washer Experiment by Randy Oliver
  • Robbing Resources
  1. Anti Robbing Screen
  • Top Bar Bees


Some great plans for a Top Bar Hive.


  • Link to Walter T. Kelly Company newsletters.



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