President’s Message February 2015

Wasatch Beekeepers Association President’s Message February 2015 As a beekeeper I personally feel obligated to be aware of my surroundings. How many of my neighbors know that I am a beekeeper and that my hives are in my backyard? What other bee friendly plants and trees are growing within a 100 yard radius of my apiary? What is the weather going to be like for this season and are there going to be restrictions on water usage? Are any of my neighbors spraying for insect control or “weed” control? One man’s ‘weed’ is another man’s honey bee pollinator, as is ‘one man’s (scary)insect’ is another man’s passion. I am a licensed beekeepers and I like to defend that title. If any of you haven’t paid for your beekeeping license through the Department of Agriculture, please do so now. They are a great service to the beekeepers. They provide us with inspectors and share with us any concerns about bee health for our area. The inspectors are really wonderful, hard working people. They aren’t there to tell you to get a license, they are there to help with your hives. Please research any problems or concerns that you have before calling one of the inspectors to come and see “is this an egg or why are my bees bringing in black pollen”? As a club we will have our mentoring program up and running before the bees get here, for those who’s are getting their packages in late March or mid April. As a fifth season beekeeper I am happy to give my opinion to the new beeks when they ask. I am unabashed in telling anyone that ‘if you ask five beekeepers one question, you will get ten answers’. As fast as we are growing and as much as beekeepers like to talk and talk and talk, we need to look at moving to a new meeting place. One that has a larger classroom, more parking and later hours. We have been told that we can use the Utah State University Extension Services room at 2001 South State Street, SLC 84190. This room will better serve our needs and the longer hour that the building is open will greatly reduce the need for the members to congregate in the parking lot(not that you won’t do that anyway). We need to make a decision on this very soon. If any of you have concerns about this, you may contact me either by phone or email me.

NEWS FLASH: Red Butte Garden Tags All Plants with “Keep the Hive Alive!”

We are happy to announce that Red Butte Garden will be adding a “Keep the Hive Alive” tag to each plant offered for sale at their upcoming plant event this weekend, May 9th and 10th. We sincerely appreciate the interest they have shown in helping us promote honeybee awareness and the need we all have to protect our bees!

For detailed information on the Red Butte Garden 35th Annual plant sale, please visit the Red Butte Garden website:

The event will be this weekend, Friday, May 9 from 1-8 p.m. For Garden Members and Saturday May 10th from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. for the general public.

For more information about the “Keep the Hive Alive” initiative, please visit:

For more information on where to buy local honey, go to: