November 19th. 2015 Pot Luck Dinner and Elections.

November Potluck Dinner

Dinner:Door Prizes: $100 in prizes from local merchants, including beekeeping tools

Honey contest: 3 categories: taste(with an emphasis on after-taste), color(containers will need to be see through) and presentation(bottles, labels, marketing)

Observation Hive contest: $5 entry fee, $50 prize-rules; Objective: to provide container for live honey bee presentations in a classroom situation
•Time Frame: for live bees to be contained in an environment for a limited amount of time
•Must be portable •Workmanship •Clear observation area
•Easy to capture and release live honey bees

Elections: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director, Public Relations(duties are listed on the web page under Officers & News) other positions are volunteers or voluntolds.
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President’s Message — October

Wasatch Beekeepers Association October 2015 Presidents Message

Hello everyone, we are wrapping up the beekeeping season, as the days get shorter and colder. My bees are still bringing in pollen, it isn’t enough to sustain them so I am still feeding them a 2/1 sugar and water mixture. Two parts water to one part pure granulated sugar. I will be able to do this until the appropriate time to stop. I will let the bees tell me when that is.

Most of you have extracted the honey from your hives, now would be the time to do a mite count. You should have a pretty good idea of what your mite count is if you have done or the bee inspectors have done a mite count. A mite treatment is entirely up to you as far as brand, application and duration.

For the past few months we have done presentations on winterizing your hives. For a good, quick reference you might check the relating chapters in ‘Beekeeping for Dummies’ book. If you do check online, make sure that the references are local so that they will apply to your situation. 

We, as a club have had so many really great events. First, we were able to move our meetings into a larger building with more parking space and better hours. Second, we participated in the annual ‘Honey Bee Festival at the Sorenson Unity Center in June 2015. The head count was a little shy this year, the public response to raw, local honey and beekeeping was fantastic. Third, we had a great representation at the Craft Lake City Festival. For 2 days we had a table in the DYI building to introduce the public to what honey bees looked like in a hive and what raw, local honey tastes like. There was a head count of 14,000 for this event. Fourth, was our first annual catered dinner for the members. Fifth, was the Utah State Fair. For 10 days we represented the beekeepers for the entire state of Utah. With the Fairgrounds putting us in a different location this year, we were hardly able to keep up with the questions from the public. It was spectacular and overwhelming. We passed out 3,000 wildflower pollinator seed packets to those that showed an interest in planting to ‘Feed the Bees’.

Our members meeting will be this Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7:00pm, at the Salt Lake County Building at 2001 South State Street, SLC, UT. The room for the meeting is the South Atrium. So it will be in the same area as the catered dinner. We will be having guest speakers to talk about bee health and some of the new legislature on hive registration. 

I am working on fixing all of the miscommunication on the members list for email addresses. This is a process. I usually end up talking for 2 hours to each of the beekeepers. I will continue to contact people until our listing are correct.

Thank You,

Denise B. Hunsaker